About Us

Welcome to our non-profit platform for digital development of arts and culture! We strive to enable the creation and distribution of prototypes for various technology, art and industry needs. Our designers use accurate data from cultural organizations and share their works with other professionals, which enables them forming strong business relationships!

We are the collective of people who adore all the shapes and forms of art! The programme’s goal comes from Hack Day concept, where the goal is to create and distribute digital prototype in 48 hours. Although first years were not that successful, we have managed to success over the time as we held the various events and presentations that gathered many professional artists who formed our community. We support any kind of artistic perspective as long as it does not hurt anyone’s property and ownership.

At the moment, we have over 300 artists and more than 100 organizations that support creative developers and artists in creating the digital prototypes and cultural products.  We provide the opportunity for young artists who want to work with real professionals and rely on their work and experience. Beside the opportunity to find yourself a professional employment, we also encourage the experimenting and innovating so feel free to be unique with your products.

Feel free to rely on our help as we can provide free-lance work for those who would like to work, or even long-term basis work if needed. Do not forget to show your CV as our events host a lot of professionals who are always on the hunt for the young and talented artists.