Category: Culture Hack

The Culture Hack event that took place in London in 2011 made a lot of things easier and achievable. As we were on the beginning of our journey, we could not expect that it will make things different and so much better. The current situation is realized thanks to this even that brought a lot of positive things that transformed our business. In this article we will discuss what improvements were made after that event and how we managed to keep it going every year.

A lot of professional support

Since we are non-profit organization, we did not expect that we will attract that much of visitors, especially in the early beginnings. However, things have changed after this event as too much of the business owners came to support our work. They liked our concept and offered us the partnership with some of the companies that were the pioneers in the digital computer art. We accepted it as we had seen that they were really interested in our platform and we managed to attract more people who came to visit the representatives of these companies. Of course, each of these representatives discussed a lot of topics with the artists that wanted job and managed to start working. That way, we killed two birds with one stone – developed a lot of professional business relationships and provides work opportunities to people.


Diverse work opportunities

As we said, a lot of professionals did attend our event and that directly enables artists to talk to these professionals. As they are always looking for the talented artists, they have offered work to the young people and that is how we created the job opportunities. We managed to help ourselves but also other people who wanted the guidance but also payment for their work. The diversity of companies attracted even more people the very next year and that number is rising every day.


Free education sessions

Since we held the first meeting/event, a lot of skillful artists who have been into art for a long time, offered us the chance to deliver free education. They have liked our work so much to that point that they have decided to run free education sessions for interested people. This was another perk that we added to our organization and it produced a lot of talented youngster who managed to even get a decent job in this industry.