Culture Hack Scotland 2012

What was it?

This 24-hour event took place at the SocietyM co-working space in Glasgow in April 2012. 33 hacks were submitted, ranging from audience-focussed tools and services to innovative mobile applications, engaging games and stunning visualisations.The event brought the Scottish cultural sector together with the local developer talent, and participating arts organisations have actively invested in prototypes since the event. For example, The Edinburgh Festivals have developed a live listings API, allowing many of the projects to be developed to full prototype status such as and


The event began with some inspiring talks from James Stewart, technical architect at and Brigitta Zics, director of Culture Lab at Newcastle University. Around 50 hackers turned up, including perhaps 15 designers, and the teams produced a spectacular array of hacks, ranging from to dancing robotic trousers to beautiful live data visualisations.

Data was provided by Arika, Creative Scotland, University of Edinburgh, the Glasgow University LibraryThe List, The Skinny, Glasgow Arts, Demarco Digital Archives and many more, making more than 25 in total.


Culture Hack Scotland was conceived and hosted by the Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab, and produced by Ambition Scotland and Trigger.


About 50 hackers including around 15 designers.

Selected Prototypes

Skinny’s Jeans By Roy Shearer, Michael Shorter, Tom Metcalfe, & Jack Chalkley

Into Demarco By Stef Lewandowski, Katy Beale & Carolyn Jones

Shakey By Jim Newbery – @froots101, Philip Roberts, Rory Fitzpatrick – @roryf, and Padmini Murray – @praymurray

404 Visuals By David Bell


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