7 years ago, we have held one of our most successful events where we discussed the incorporation of AI into the art production. This event was backed up by Google and we managed to gather more than 500 people who wanted to participate in this competition/event. At the beginning of event ,we have had a couple of AI professionals and also several art specialists who have worked together to present the implementation of AI with purpose of art production. Here is a brief throwback at that event that took place in Glasgow.

The concepts of AI

The first part of this event was the introductory course into the AI, where the AI experts explained the basics of this industry. They were teaching about the basics of programming, math algebra and the purpose of AI and its future influence on the industry. The course was aimed to educate people who have never had any experience with programming and artificial intelligence. After the accurate and concise introduction and explaining the basics, they have received the help of artists who discusses the ways of applying the AI into the art production.


How to connect AI and art?

The second part of the event was a prompt discussion about the Ai integration, how it can contribute to the art creation, and how it will eventually change some of the works we perform today. The concept is explained by the professional artists who work for distinguished companies and have over 20 years of experience in the production of creative works. The exhibition of early AI/art projects was held, though there were no that much of projects of this kind. Still, the main concept was explained so the people could know how to try to implement AI into art.


The competition

The last part was a competition. There were no requirements for this competition, as anyone who did have some experience with artificial intelligence and art could participate in the competition. Also, there were workshops where people could learn how to start integrating neural networks for the needs of creativity. The winner was awarded with the certificate and innovation admission.