Datasets that will be made available at the weekend (more to be added here, as and when they are confirmed):


NEW data from the Guardian - 1500h 15-01-11

@megpickard (who really kindly gave us loads of Guardian swag at the last minute, thank you Meg!)

Attn #chd11 hackers: @guardian @openplatform has lots of lovely culture content+data to play with. Get a key: @matwall reveals you can also get loads of @guardianculture data for free without any API key here: Yay!

All Guardian content about books, with ISBN numbers:

+ all G content about music artists/albums, w. musicbrainz ID: + how to query by ID: Enjoy!

And @matwall reveals you can also get loads of @guardianculture data for free without any API key here: Yay! #chd11 3 hours ago

Overview of available data - published 15/01/11:

Overview of available data - published 14/01/11

Welsh National Opera − Stage manager prompts for 10 performing venues (Cardiff, Swansea, Llandudno, Bristol, Birmingham, Southampton, Plymouth, Liverpool, Milton Keynes and Oxford) − Wales Millennium Centre technical schedule - which acts as a timetable for stage management and technical crew − Production programmes for 2010/2011 including: cast list, plot summary, synopsis, interviews with the creative team, biographies and orchestra and chorus lists

UK Film Council − Database listing all UK film screenings for 2,500 venues from August 2007 to December 2010, includes number of screens and ticket prices

Data will be released at the event. (If you're after this, Matthew Somerville is currently converting it from a 3gb Microsoft SQL file...)

Mute − 80 RSS video feeds from London cultural organisations − Raw data sets showing the status of 250 cultural organisations’ digital assets (Analytics, Social Media, RSS, Meta Descriptions) − LibraryThing listing 420 books and reviews

  • London Cultural Video Feeds*

RSS data as Google docs spreadsheet, downloadable and editable Feeds rendered

LibraryThing We have a collection of 420 books listed in LibraryThing As Google doc ) but not so interesting :-) LibraryThing has a fantastic set of tools and APIs for creating mobile apps, API Keys available.

A note from Simon at Mute: I forgot to add what we'd like to do with these data sets, although of course they're open for other to play at will.

With the video RSS feeds we're looking to rewrite the feed data to include Download to Own, High Definition paid video links.

With LibraryThing it would be good to look at how to implement some of their lending library facilities or how orgs could offer the mobile apps LibraryThing have on offer.

With the ACE London RFO digital assets data, it would be good to encourage RFOs to update this, add new categories, graph it or even better get bot to check the RFOs sites and update the data.

DCMS − DCMS Local Area statistics on adult participation in Sport and Culture data set − Government Art Collection database − Lottery Grants Database − Museums, Libraries and Archives database Data will be released at the event.

National Maritime Museum - API of new collections website including 250,000 records (including 40,000 images) - API of maritime memorials (approx. 5,000 records), developed by Stamen - Marine Society database of boys sent to the Royal Navy during the Seven Years War (approx. 5000 records) - Database of Royal Navy activity during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars (over 4,000 records) - Warship histories circa 1500 to 1950, detailing captain, where the ships went and the vessels they encountered (65,000 records) - Full transcript of the journal of Victor George Hayward, who died laying provisions for Shackleton, transcripts of Flinders' letters and a full transcript of the Caird Catalogue, which describes the museum's founding Data available at the event. - Links to the data are in the PDF:


− What’s On API providing event listings for film screenings, public talks and other happenings in the Watershed venue − Currently it is used by widgets, mobile sites, public digital displays and screensavers.

This API could be useful for culture hacks such as event listing aggregators or events recommendation. The information returned is the same as found on

The API is unauthenticated, has two endpoints and returns XML.

Events Endpoint - allows searching for a list of events by date.

It accepts multiple "commence" parameters for specifying a date range of events. For example:>2011-01-08&commence<2011-01-15&is_published=1

Exhibits Endpoint - returns details for a specific event.

It accepts a single event id parameter in the format{eventid} which can be found in the events endpoint results. For example:

Global Data Point Marketing Birmingham whats on section listings, plus multimedia listings content. EDI code of film listings across UK. Data will be released at the event.

Crafts Council − 50,000 craft objects by around 1000 artists, including photos − “Craft Matters” data including location-based user data and comments about why Craft matters to them

Culture Grid - Search APIs to over 1.2million museum collection records, covering a huge range of collections, topics and periods, including 1.1 million object records from national, regional and local collections. Mainly reference images but also some audio and video; and there are also 1000s of collection and institution records

Culture Grid offers standards based search APIs to access this wealth of data. These APIs are openly available to encourage innovation and feedback through events such as Culture Hack and the Culture Grid Hack Day - Further information on the Culture Grid search APIs can be found at:

Culture Grid is funded by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) to address digital priorities for the cultural sector and by the European Commission to support the European Cultural portal (Europeana) and has been developed with technical partners Knowledge Integration Ltd.

Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab − API for listings data Edinburgh Festivals 2010

BBC Archive

  • A number of Redux accounts giving stream-only access to any BBC content that is stored for the weekend

Data will be released at the event.

  • RadioTimes 48 and 77 data in the form of a MYSQL database

Data will be released at the event.

  • Set of Backstage feeds as currently available

  • A lot of BBC /programmes data is available publicly - see
  • Subtitle data is available for currently available iPlayer content if you know where to look -- use FireBug on an iPlayer page to see the URL of the appropriate XML file.

Royal Opera House

All data will be taken offline after the event, sorry :-(

Proboscis − Access to bookleteer API for generating eBooks & StoryCubes. Data will be released at the event

Datasets elsewhere for ideas (pinched from the History Hack Day wiki, please see that for more details :) ):

  • OS OpenData
  • CKAN -
  • Open Plaques
  • Open Economics
  • Facebook
  • Newspaper and Journal archives
  • English Heritage monument data
  • Historical theatrical data
  • Ordnance Survey gazeteer
  • UK Parliament data
  • UK government data at etc.
  • Old Bailey Online
  • London Lives
  • The National Maritime Museum
  • The National Archives
  • Pleiades
  • BBC
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